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Easter Cards and Crafts during our home learning

During our Easter weekend let's celebrate this special time by creating an Easter craft or card.

We can share our lovely work on the school website for us all to view. 


When completed, email a photo of your piece of work for me to upload onto the website:


See below an attached word document illustrating some ideas to help you.  


We look forward to seeing your wonderful cards and craft work.

Happy Easter!



Inspirational ideas for your Easter cards and crafts.

Please send a photo of your completed art works to this email address:
Please include your child's full name and what class they are in with any of their pieces of art work.

The theme for this term (until the end of June) is

'Earth Day and Protecting our Species.'


Think about how our species are being harmed: pollution, poachers, by destroying their habitats, these are just a few examples.   Create a piece of emotive art work to illustrate this problem and show how we could protect them from becoming endangered. There are many animals already close to extinction and we need to raise these concerns and make changes now!




Well done Lucy for winning the Modern British Value competition this term! Her painting incorporated all in the different values and was beautifully illustrated.

Well done Carl Kerslake for winning this half term's Art Gallery competition. 

A photo of this will be on our Pennycross facebook page this week.

This term's Art Gallery theme will be based on 'Modern British Values'-

  • Democracy
  • The rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

The art work could be in any medium (drawing, painting, collage, pastels) and based on these values at home, school or in Britain as a whole.  Portray any of these values through art.  If you need any ideas - possibly look in the 'SMSC' folder on the website to help you.  Also type in Modern British Values in Google for any inspirational art ideas. 

We look forward to seeing some fantastic pieces of art work to display on our board and on the website!


Some art examples

This term: January/February Art Theme: Winter Scenes.

The theme for this term will be Winter scenes

This could include a winter scenery- Icy or snowy landscapes, wet windy days.  You could include animals in the winter or those that live in cold climates or maybe show a picture of what you do in the winter time.

Your art work could be in the style of an artist or abstract. 

Remember you can use any type of medium- paint, pastel, pencils, collage and on any type of paper or card, as long as it is 2-dimensional and only A4 or A5 size.

Winters Walk on the beach by Skylar Hargraves. Y3T

Winter Woodland scene by Isaac Peters.

'Building a Snowman' by Sebastian Turner, Y4, Skylarks class.

Winter Scene by Isabelle Hale, Year 4, Skylarks class.

Winter Scene, Humming birds class. Year 3 T

Winter Scene by Carl Kerslake in Year 5T.

Camping in the Snow by Isla Stagg in Class FE.

Winter Scene by Eden Fitzpatrick, Y4L

Taya Pender Year 6P