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Attendance & Absences


Please enter full details of any absences - this will be accepted as written notification.

Attendance impacts directly on attainment at school and for this reason we ask that parents:

  • ensure children attend school regularly and are punctual
  • advise the school in advance of any unavoidable absences or holidays – please complete a form available from the school office
  • make medical appointments for after school or during school holidays where possible, or at the beginning or end of the day so that your child can attend part of the school day
  • provide evidence of any such appointments
  • provide evidence of medication or Doctor’s appointments associated with such illnesses
  • do not keep children home for birthday treats, shopping, haircuts or other similar situations – these will not be authorise absences

If a child is absent without prior notice being given, please let school know by telephone or using the Notification of Absence section below as early as possible on the first day of absence.  The school will contact home for an explanation if this is not received, either by text or telephone.  We do require all absences explained in writing from you when your child returns to school - either by letter or you can use the Notification of Absence section above.


Holidays in term time will only be authorised in exceptional circumstances, please see the letter below from the Local Authority.


Our Education Welfare Officer works closely with school to monitor attendance and absence issues. Any unacceptable or excessive number of absences will be investigated further.


Truancy is not a problem at Pennycross Primary School. We have no evidence that any parents are unaware of their child’s absences.

Latest information from Plymouth City Council