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Barn Owl

The children have been learning the story of Winnie's Magic pumpkin. They have written a sound spell, scooped out a pumpkin, made a pumpkin helicoptor, painted pictures from the story and used tweezers to find the bats in the web

As part of our Winnie the witch week the children all made winnie a new magic hat. They particularly enjoyed eating the hats once they had finished creating them!

Pennywell farm was so much fun. We went on Santa's train, saw lots of different animals (goats, pot bellied pigs, ponies, lambs, turkey's to name a few), we enjoyed driving the mini tractors and taking part in the Christmas nativity story. We ended our day with a visit to Santa's house which was lots of fun. He said we have all been very good and gave each of us a present!

When learning about the Arctic the children enjoyed investigating where the Arctic is on a world map, tasting Arctic explorers ration packs, learning about Arctic animals, investigating the arctic landscape in our small world ice play, playing in our igloo, writing about the Arctic using our fred fingers for spelling and playing a maths game with snowballs to develop our number regognition and 1:1 correspondence. We also had lots of fun in the real snow when it began falling!

Our royal wedding

Our royal wedding