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Our WONDER curriculum promotes:

Wellbeing, lifelong learning, fascination, diversity, resilience, inspiration.


At Pennycross the belief is that at the heart of learning the fundamental well-being of each child is essential for them to be ready to learn and to move forward.


We strive to build resilience in each child by encouraging them to take on new challenges by learning to be flexible and adapt to change.


We want our children to develop a lifelong love of learning that will spread far and wide through their adult years. Seeing smiling faces each morning because it is time to come to school is heartening.  


We want to develop a desire to come to school with a thirst for learning and a wish to learn more through their own research and curiosity when not in school.


We want our children to know they have a voice and can share their interests and ideas in the knowledge that these will be listened to and respected.


We strive to encourage children to be excited about their learning with rich learning opportunities that link to and build upon previous learning to enable children to develop transferable knowledge and skills.


We want our children to be fascinated and inspired by the learning experiences and opportunities that enhance their knowledge and understanding of a very diverse world.


We want to be able to provide visits and visitors to extend each child’s experiences thus bringing our curriculum to life.


What we want our curriculum to do for our children

We want our children to be able to talk about their learning through topical and stimulating planning that encourages curiosity and a need to ask deeper questions.

We want our children to be immersed in British Values and be responsible citizens with strong moral standards to support them in speaking up for what is right and wrong in their society and to care about their environment.

We want our children to be brave by embracing new technologies in an ever changing world.

We want our children to collaborate: to learn with and from others.

We want our children to have high aspirations for themselves and others and to succeed in everything they try but also understand that making mistakes is part of learning.

We want our children to enjoy a healthy life style and understand the positives of being physically fit, eating a healthy diet and having positive mental health.