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Curriculum Aims

Pennycross Primary School aims to nurture and prepare children educationally, socially, morally and physically for their continuing education into the next phase and beyond into citizenship. Therefore our core aims are:


  • to provide the concepts, skills and attitudes embodied in the National Curriculum as a basis for the educational development of children
  • to provide a stable, consistent environment in which children can develop respect, self-esteem and an ability to value themselves and others
  • to develop the children's own moral values and spiritual awareness
  • to provide a framework in which children develop an understanding of the needs and capabilities of their bodies


In pursuit of these aims we will endeavour:


  • to encourage parents to be active partners in their children's education
  • to develop lively, enquiring minds fostered by increasingly independent learning
  • to instil a desire to learn by setting relevant targets, providing appropriate support, and rewarding achievement
  • to foster self-reliance and motivation
  • to provide a safe and stimulating working environment
  • to encourage children to act creatively and with imagination
  • to develop an understanding of the past which will help them to live successfully in the present, and to plan intelligently for the future
  • to develop the ability to work co-operatively
  • to encourage children to value the views of others and to argue dispassionately and rationally


The curriculum is designed to be broad, balanced and relevant to the experiences and needs of the pupils. It is structured to allow a progression in the acquisition of skills, knowledge and understanding. All pupils will have opportunities to experience all areas of the curriculum. It is also important to realise that not all pupils have the aptitude for academic distinction, nevertheless, it is clearly understood that all must have the techniques to cope with the requirements of everyday life.


The school follows the National Curriculum in all areas. Details of the National Curriculum are available in school and “on line” at if you should wish to see them.


Every effort is made to ensure a sound grounding in English, Mathematics, Science and Information & Communication Technology in line with the National Curriculum. The curriculum is wide and includes a thematic approach to some class work. Within these themes Technology, History and Geography, Art and Crafts, Music, Drama, PE, MFL, and PHSE are covered in various ways. The curriculum will provide opportunities for children of varying aptitudes and abilities to find fulfilment and enable them to develop emotionally and physically as well as academically.


The school has a variety of educational equipment and all members of staff endeavour to keep up with modern educational thought and techniques through regular training. Children are taught by the most worthwhile combination of modern and well-tried methods, learning with understanding and enjoyment but realising that some tasks require hard work and application if full potential is to be realised.


Educational visits, relevant to the children's work, may be arranged from time to time. There may be requests made for a voluntary payment to be made to finance such activities.


Pennycross Primary School endeavours to create an atmosphere in which learning is enjoyable and meaningful.