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Dear Foundation Stage parents,

Firstly, we just want to thank you for your patience and understanding during a very difficult time. We understand that you will be feeling uncertain and that some of your children will be feeling this too. Some of your children may be feeling reluctant to work from home as this isn't the norm. Some children may be feeling anxious about things they may have heard on the news and are therefore having a few wobbles. Others may be throwing themselves in to school work to keep themselves busy. We also understand that some parents are trying to juggle working from home and the pressures from work, with managing home learning activities and keeping children on different ages safe, happy and busy. So, we would like to say well done-you are all doing a fantastic job!

We will be continuing to set work for the children to complete and will be responding to any emails we receive showing us your wonderful home learning. Please feel reassured though parents that there is no pressure. The children will not learn if they feel stressed and anxious so please don't push an activity if completing it becomes a battle. The most important thing for you all is to keep safe and stay happy during these challenging and uncertain times.

If you are finding getting home learning completed tricky, a great idea would be to set up a timetable and have your child be involved in this process. Then try to stick to this. Timetable in a few short learning tasks as well as plenty of opportunities for playing, time out in the garden, time with family, exercise, craft, baking etc. 

We have been so impressed with all the learning at home from this week and can't wait to see more next week.

Many thanks,

Keep safe,

The Foundation Team

Foundation home learning activities week 3: 6.4.20

*Share a story book every day with an adult


* Listen to our daily story times on Facebook


*Cosmic Kids yoga (available on Youtube)


*Log on to

There are lots of excellent EYFS games for Maths and Literacy


*Bake some cupcakes with an adult. Can you help read the recipe, weigh the ingredients, mix the ingredients together, spoon out the mixture and help decorate the cakes?


*Can you sort all the coins in your house into different values?

-What different ways can you make 10p?

-What different ways can you make 20p

-Can you make some coin rubbings with a wax crayon or a pencil?

*Can you draw or paint a family portrait? How many people are in it? Do they all have the same colour hair? Are they all the same height?

*Make an Easter egg picture using a potato printer

See image at the bottom of this post

*Can you play a board game with your family?

*Play the clue game

-Pick an object and give your child clues to that object by using directional language, such as up, down, over, under, between, through, beside, behind, in front of. Make the game more challenging by giving two part directions eg. It’s on top of the table and to the left of the TV.

After sharing a story book play roll and retell

See image at the bottom of this post

*Join and try out the different science activities

*If you have any older children interested in Harry Potter then have a look at Lots of quizzes and interactive games on here.


Keep safe and happy

Love and best wishes,

The Foundation team



Picture 1
Picture 2

Foundation home learning week 2 (30.3.20):

*Listen to Mrs Evel or Miss Vincents daily storytime on Facebook (Pennycross Primary School facebook page).


*Joe Wicks PE with Joe sessions on youtube 9.00am daily


*Make a paper aeroplane


*Share a story book with an adult everyday


*Go on a bug hunt in your garden


*Face time or phone a relative and have a conversation


*Do some junk modelling from cardboard boxes/ tubes/ yoghurt pots


*Dance daily to your favourite song


*Make a den


*Make a sock puppet


*Log on to and play some blending games

Username: march20

Password: home



*Go on a ‘live’ tour of a zoo. Lots of zoo websites have this facility including Dartmoor zoo)

Can you write a list of the animals you saw? What were they doing?


*Log on to Global Space Education Foundation and listen to a ‘Story Time in Space’


*Have a picnic in your garden or yard


*Log on to world book

They have just made over 3000 ebooks and audiobooks available for free for children to access at home


*Go on a 3d shape hunt around your house.

-can you find a cylinder?

-can you find a cube?

-can you find a cuboid?

-can you find a sphere?


*Can you make your own number bond hands?

(see image below)

Picture 1

Dear Foundation Stage children,

Whilst you are having to spend a little time away from school Miss Vincent and I have set you some learning challenges to complete. We would love to see photos of you working on your tasks so please ask your mummy and daddy to send them to our email addresses


Home learning tasks week 1:

*Read your home school book every day

*Share a favourite storybook with an adult each day

*Learn the number bonds to 10 and play making them on your fingers with an adult

10 + 0                                          0 + 10

9 + 1                                            1 + 9

8 + 2                                           2 + 8

7 + 3                                           3 + 7

6 + 4                                           4 + 6

5 + 5

So if you show 9 fingers your partner shows 1


*Log on to

Enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

The code means that you will be able to access this website for free.

On this website there are lots of fun activities linked to spring, linked to Jack and the beanstalk and linked to the very hungry caterpillar. These are all topics that we will be learning about once you return to school so it would be great if you complete some of these.


*Gross motor challenges:

Large painting and drawing

Using equipment such as rakes, brooms and shovels

Bouncing and throwing a ball

Climbing – anything that uses upper body strength

Using a spray bottle to water plants/paint

Playdoh, rolling the playdoh, using cutter etc.

Pouring activities, moving water from one object to another


*Fine motor skill challenges:

Sorting small objects such as beads, dried beans or buttons – Easy to set up, choose objects that can be sorted by shape, size or colour and place in a bowl and then provide a tray or smaller bowls to sort them into.


*Can you follow a recipe and make something with your mummy or daddy?


*Can you complete a puzzle or jigsaw each day?


*Continue practising your numbernaughts challenge of counting to 20 and back to 0. If you have completed this challenge your next challenges are to be able to count in 2’s to 20 and in 5’s to 50.


*Telling the time

Can you draw pictures of activities you do at different times of the day. Can you label them with the help of your mummy or daddy? What do you do at 10           o clock? What do you do at 2 o clock?


*Play I spy


*Play musical statues


*Make a band from kitchen pots and pans


We hope you have lots of fun with these activities J

The Foundation team