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On Friday 10th February Year 1 and 2 were recreating the 'Great Fire of London'. The houses they made were used to make London September 2nd 1666. 

Setting up London September 2nd 1666

Waiting for London to burn!

Year 1 & 2 waited for London to be set alight! It was VERY cold!
Goldfinch class have been trying to make bridges. We got a letter from the Islanders of Struay asking for help as the Redburn Bridge had collapsed. We rose to the challenge!
First, we learnt about the different types of bridges, then experimented with building equipment......
Next, we had a go at making our own. We experimented with different types of material and adhesive and then came up with these....
We also had a letter from Mr Hogden, who asked us to investigate if people with bigger feet needed bigger gloves (he was thinking about updating the Forest School equipment). We set about with cubes and rulers and found that people with bigger feet do not need bigger gloves.