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Goldfinches and Nightingales

Welcome to the Year One page. We use this page to keep you up-to-date with what the children are learning in (and out!) of our classrooms as often as possible. We hope you enjoy seeing all the photos of your children safe, happy and learning at Pennycross!

KS1 Christmas Performance 2020

Today in Year 1, the children had loads of fun exploring an 'abandoned house' in our school grounds. We used torches as it was quite dark and we had to use all of our senses to help us explore....our experience day is going to help support our writing ideas for our current story: A House that Once Was. There is also a video of one group's reaction to their experience day on Facebook laugh

Exploring an 'abandoned house'!

Our Term 1 summary

Here is a summary of how Term 1 has gone in Year One. We hope it explains a little more about the work we have been doing this term. There are more pictures below of your children learning as well.

Our learning this term is all based around:

We have been doing lots of practical Maths activities