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Goldfinches & Nightingales

1BC Life Caravan

1BC World Book Day

1C Life caravan

Sound walk for science (hearing senses)

KS1 would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who came to support our Kindness Day last Friday. The children had a wonderful time learning how they can show kindness every day and learning some (new) playground games. They have been showing them off during break time and lunch times this week as well :)
Last week, Pennycross was lucky to have a banana workshop! We learnt about where they are grown, the fair trade of bananas and the life cycle of a banana. We even acted out the life cycle too!
In DT we have been exploring fruit products linked with the exotic fruits we have learnt about in Handa's Surprise. We made a fruit kebab for our partner so we had to design it using their favourite fruits! The children did a great job at learning different cutting techniques and were very good at remembering the safety tips as well.

Learning to chop and slice safely

We are learning the story Handa's Surprise in Year One so we starting by exploring the different exotic fruits and tasting them! We tried passionfruit, mango, guava juice and avocado and all had mixed opinions about which we liked the best or didn't like at all!

We have also learnt the story by adding actions to a story map and practising it lots. Year 1 are now experts at this story!


This week in Code Club, we were using Code Spark to learn basic algorithms to make a sprite move and collect tasty doughnuts!

Code Club with Mrs Cook (week 2)

Learning and performing the story of the Gingerbread Man from a story map

Science - The human body

The Gingerbread Man performance

Key Stage One worked really hard to practise the Christmas performance of 'Starlight'. Well done to everyone.

Where's my Teddy?

Maths patterns

History of bears

Science - Hibernation homes

Science materials

Geography - out and about topic