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On Wednesday 28th February snow came to Pennycross Primary School. We were all VERY excited. Most of the children had not seen snow before so it was great fun to be out in it. It was very cold though!

In Art we have been learning about artists who painted fruit and vegetables as a still life. We also took inspiration from Arcimboldo and made faces using fruit and vegetables.

In DT we designed and made our own fruit kebabs. We tasted different fruits and chose three we liked and planned our own kebab using a repeating pattern. They were yummy!

We went on a trip to Tesco at Transit Way to find out where food comes from. We searched for different coloured fruit and vegetables. We watched a fish being prepared and we even stood in the fridge and large freezer. It was -22 C.

Year 1 and Year 2 really enjoyed their theatre trip to see 'The Enormous turnip'.

We enjoyed a walk through Ham Woods to look for signs of Autumn. We used our senses to explore the woods.

We sorted and discussed the properties of different materials.

In DT we have designed and made sock puppets.