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International Learning Activities

We believe that in order for learning experiences to have a real global dimension for our children the experiences have to be related to the children's own lives and then their horizons and understanding of others lives can be broadened; in turn helping them develop a global perspective on many issues affecting life today. We never lose sight of the reason we provide such a rich diverse curriculum at Pennycross; our primary aim is to enable them to develop their respect, tolerance, understanding, care and empathy towards others and their environments. It is only through having these attributes that children will become global citizens.


The Global pandemic has highlighted to the children of our school that there are so many shared challenges facing young people regardless of where they live or what type of schooling they receive. Children need their voices to be heard; children worldwide share the traits of optimism, resilience and hope and we know that as teachers it is our responsibility to prepare the children of Pennycross to become Global citizens able to help one another to lead happy, safe and prosperous lives. 

We are very proud that our school has held the International School Award in recognition of our efforts to build on the international dimension of the curriculum the school community receives.

As a school we know that the world is an ever changing place which in many respects is shrinking and it is vital that as educators we ensure we equip the children with the skills and knowledge to be able to embrace the global community and the opportunities it may present. We believe there is no better way to do this than take part in collaborative learning projects with school communities across the globe.

These partnerships highlight that the British Values we promote with the children are simply sound values that allow all members of a community to live with dignity and respect; something that school communities across the world strive to teach the importance of on a daily basis. 


As the new academic year begins (2020-2021) we look forward to showcasing many of our learning activities with you on this page so please keep checking back to view them!

Monthly munch!

The Foundation Stage children take part in a monthly munch session where they try a food type from around the world. They learn to identify the countries on the world map and talk about elements of the cultures found there.


We have a link with Biwanga Primary School. This school is in the Mbende district of Uganda

Biwanga Primary School is getting support from the government army to change their school buildings from wooden shacks to brick buildings. These mean the children will be learning in safe, dry environments where teaching and learning resources can be safely kept.

In the Spring our school takes part in the 'Food For Thought' project which is a project run in Uganda to help schools grow the produce they need to be able to feed their school children meals at breakfast and lunch. We sponsor Biwanga Primary School so that they are able to take part in the project. We believe it is important to show the children we are citizens of the world not just of our own little part of Plymouth and that it is important to think of the needs of all others regardless of their 

As part of this learning link the children of our school also grow some produce. Each class chooses what they will grow and then the produce is used for school baking, snack times and some is even taken home to be shared with families.

Come back and see what we grow!