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Key Stage One

Welcome to Key Stage One!


We have a busy year ahead with lots of exciting and interesting topics to look forward to.  You will find the overview of the year below for your information; this will give you a brief flavour of the topics that your child will be learning about this year.  For a more detailed outline of each terms learning please refer to the curriculum maps which can be found on the year 1 or year 2 curriculum pages of this website.

Year 1 Topic Planner

Year 2 Topic Planner

Reading in Key Stage One


At Pennycross Primary School we encourage children to read their books more than once.


On the first read, concentrate on decoding unfamiliar words.  The second read is to focus on comprehension and understanding — below there are some questions attached to help you.  The third read is to improve fluency and practise expression.


All three of these skills need to be practised in order to help your child make progress in their reading skills.


Remember to give your child lots of praise and encouragement!