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Kingfishers loved painting their own paintings in the style of Brian Pollard.
Year 2 had a great time on Wembury beach.  We had a chance to go rock-pooling, play in the sand and have a short a walk.
Year 2 visited the Hoe and the Barbican  on Thursday 24th May. What a fantastic day we had.

Year 2 visit the Hoe and the Barbican

Kingfishers came dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the royal wedding.
Year 2 have enjoyed coming to school on their bikes and scooters. We had great fun on the obstacle course. 

Year 2 get involved with Big Pedal

Kingfishers had a great time on a spring walk to Central Park. We found lots of signs of spring. Thank you to all who accompanied us.
On Wednesday 28th February snow came to Pennycross Primary School. We were all VERY excited. Most of the children had not seen snow before so it was great fun to be out in it. It was very cold though!
In art we looked at the artists Henri Matisse and Paul Cezanne. We looked at their pictures of 'Still Life'. We used fruit, jugs, bowls and cloths to recreate our own 'Still Life' . We drew our 'Still Life' using pencils and then pastels. What fantastic efforts we made. Look out for a display of some of our art work!
We enjoyed designing, making and eating our fruit kebabs as part of our 'Food around the world' project. 
Before half term Year 2 learnt about the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo.  He was an Italian artist who made pictures using fruit and vegetables.  We had a go at creating our own pictures in a similar style to Guiseppe Arcimboldo.
Year 1 and Year 2 really enjoyed their theatre trip to see 'The Enormous turnip'.
Warburton's Bakery visited year 2 this week. They taught us how bread is made, shared good advice about healthy eating and told us about their interesting history. We had a chance to make our own sandwich once we had learnt a little bit about food hygiene. 
We really enjoyed our Farm to Fork trip at Tesco's.  We were able to look at the warehouse,  visit the fishmongers to gut a fish and stand in a very large fridge and freezer.  
As part of our topic, 'can we play?', we have designed and made sock puppets.  We hope you enjoy looking at them.
We enjoyed our trip to St. Pancras church for our wedding. Before we left for the church we put our smart clothes on and we had a look at Mrs. Hale's wedding dress.
Year 2 had a fabulous Autumn walk in Pounds Park collecting leaves and autumn fruits to make pictures. The weather was great. Good fun had by all.

French breakfast

All Years 1&2 finished the day with a French breakfast (petit dèjeuner) in the hall. It was SO delicious. End of a great day!

Learning French greetings and instructions in class and making French hats.

We learnt French instructions and greetings in class. What fun we had!

French Day assembly

On Friday 22nd September Pennycross had a French day. We started the day with a French assembly led by Mrs Mower. We were all in mufti-red, white and blue, the colours of the French flag.