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Year 2 have been investigating wheeled vehicles as part of our design and technology work.We made wheeled vehicles with construction kits and then investigated different ways to attach wheels to make a vehicle.We designed and made our own vehicles. 
Year 2 were so excited about looking for minibeasts in the school allotment. What a lot of minibeasts we found-worms, slugs, shield bugs, bees, butterflies, moths, caterpillars and woodlice. Great looking year 2

Year 2 minibeast hunt at the allotment.

We have loved our sessions with Dan. It is always great fun!

PE with Dan.

What a fantastic day we had at Antony House. Brian our guide was fabulous and so enthusiastic. We loved pond dipping, making nests for birds (toy ones) and butterfly catching. We loved it despite it being SO hot!
Year 2 enjoyed their trip to Buckland Abbey on Friday (24.3.17).  The children were extremely well behaved.  They learnt a lot about Sir Francis Drake and impressed the guides with all their knowledge about him. 
On Friday 10th February Year 1 and 2 were recreating the 'Great Fire of London'. The houses they made were used to make London September 2nd 1666.

Setting up London September 2nd 1666

Year 1 & 2 waited for London to be set alight! It was VERY cold!

Waiting for London to burn. It was very cold!

We watched London burn. The wind was not in the right direction so it took a long time! There was just ash left at the end!
Kingfishers and Robins worked together on designing and making a classroom in a box. They thought about what their classroom should have. They thought of many creative ideas including an enormous fish tank and a slide. I hope there will be room in our new classrooms!
This week, a letter arrived in Kingfishers. We had a problem to solve.
We investigated the best way to stick out bridges together.
We enjoyed designing and making our bridges.  All the bridges held the tractor brilliantly.  None of them collapsed.
Last week, we enjoyed our autumn walk to Central Park.
After our walk, we painted autumn trees.  We mixed our own colours using powder paint.  It was great fun.