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We made it in the Plymouth Chronicle again!

Coronavirus Information - For Parents

We have achieved The Woodland Trust Green Tree Award

We have featured in The Plymouth Chronicle!

Modeshift STARS school of the region!!

ModeShift Stars Gold Award winners!

We are now a WOW school. We will be tracking and rewarding active travel to school.

Pennycross are the 2019 Field Gun champions!

Visits from Councillor Jeremy Goslin and Councillor Gareth Derrick to celebrate our success with active travel

Frisbee News! First News is a national paper for children.

Active travel success for Y5 & 6!


Dear Classroom to Moon participants,

The moment we have all been waiting for is here… Did Astro Mo make it to the Moon?

Astro Mo set off on the mission to walk to the Moon, fuelled by the help of Plymouth school pupils walking to school.

Astro Mo encountered things such as asteroids and satellites, and even waved at the astronauts in the International Space Station as it winged past. As the Moon was getting nearer, Plymouth school pupils walked further and further each day. Astro Mo saw the Moon in sight and reached out with a friendship flag ready to land…

*Drum roll please*

I am very proud to announce that Astro Mo HAS landed on the Moon with the help of pupils in Plymouth walking to school.

Overall schools across Plymouth walked a whopping…4,243,976 minutes!! (That's 225,638 miles!!!)

Astro Mo’s journey has been calculated by the overall total minutes walked, divided by 60 to work out the number of hours, then multiplied by the average number of miles per hour a child walks (3.19mph) to work out Astro Mo’s progress.

A huge congratulations to everybody that took part, you all did a fantastic job! I hope you will continue to walk more and more each day!

Thank you to pupils for walking to school and Teachers/TA for helping the challenge run as smoothly as possible. A big shout out to Moon Monitors for collecting minutes each week – great job!

You can check out the league table on our website:


The winners of the Classroom to Moon challenge are:

For the highest average minutes walked…

Pennycross Primary School with the highest average minutes walked in the small school category with a total of 1658.22 minutes! (88.16 miles on average!) Congratulations! A ScooterPod will be coming to you!


Again huge congratulations and thank you!

Tessa, Alice, Andy & Astro Mo


We made the front page!

Read for good!

The children have all brought home an orange sponsor form for the half-term holiday. This is for a whole school project to support children in hospitals. The school council would be very grateful if you could support your child to join our school readathon over the October holiday. It is to raise money for the charity 'Read for good' which helps raise funds to provide story tellers in children's hospital wards across the country. We would be very thankful if you could sponsor your child to read/ listen to lots of stories during the week.

Many thanks for your support.


Sustrans Newsletter - PENNY BIKE

Year 6 win the waste war!

Last year, Year 5 were learning about the impact of plastic straws on the environment. They found out that McDonalds was one of the biggest producers of plastic straws. So each child sent a letter to Paul Pomeroy (The Director of McDonalds) to explain to him the impact of plastic in our oceans. They also gave him lots of sustainable alternatives. Earlier this week each child received a reply from Paul, he confirmed that from September 2018 McDonalds will be changing to paper straws. Well-done on your fantastic letters Year 6, keep up the good work! Miss Thomas.

Field Gun Newsletter