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Questions & Answers on reopening 1st June 2020

Q & A – Reopening School on 1st June 2020


What are the arrangements for children of Key Workers & Vulnerable pupils?

The provision will continue and remain unchanged for all year groups.  Breakfast club will continue from 7.30 and Afterschool Club will run each day until 4.30pm

The school day will be a full day for children of Key Workers and Vulnerable pupils?


Will my child (not key worker child) be in school for the full day?

No.  We are offering Monday to Friday Morning only provision, including lunch.  There will be staggered starting and finishing times.  Times to be confirmed.

To continue social distancing, for parents on site, there will be separate entrances/exits depending on your child’s group.


Will there be Breakfast and Afterschool Club for Reception, Y1 & Y6?

No. Unless they are children of Key Workers or Vulnerable children


What will the classrooms and school look like?

The classrooms will continue to look as they do now.  We will not be taking down displays.  We will remove any soft furnishings, absorbent surfaces (rugs) and any construction or small play, as these take time to clean.


Will social distancing be adhered to?

Where practicable and possible social distancing will be adhered to, prominently in the classroom.  Playtimes, as per the DfE guidance, children will be in their ‘bubble’ maximum of 15 and social distancing outdoors may not be possible, due to the nature and age of the children


How will the Classrooms be set up to ensure pupil safety?

Children will be sitting separately, one per table.  They will be given resources needed for the day.  Please not bring in your own pencil cases.

A Teacher or Teaching Assistant will be assigned to a maximum of 15 children per class, and this adult will remain with that class for the entire week, and thereafter, and will be socially distancing.  For example, lessons will be taught from the front of the class and children will be required to stay at their desk unless to go to the toilet.  We do not expect this astringent approach to happen in Foundation, although it will be encouraged.  Activities for the younger children will be limited to avoid contact as much as possible.


How will you ensure that the school is clean?

There will be a rigorous daily cleaning routine for the whole school.  Which will include the cleaning of furniture, resources, floors, toilets and hard surfaces.  The school employees its own cleaning staff, which will be working following DfE guidance.


Will you encourage handwashing?

Washing hands will be required on entering the building and regularly throughout the morning.  Hand sanitizer gel is available at various areas around the school.


Is PPE necessary?

No, for both adults and children.  Except for when administering first aid, when the adult will wear PPE, due to the proximity to the child.