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Q&As on returning to School in September

Q & A – Returning to school in September


What will September 8 look like for coming to school and home times?

Children will arrive:

8:30 – Y6

8:45 – Y1, FS

9:00 – Y2, Y4

9:15 – Y3, Y5

Home times –

2:45 – Y6

3:00 – Y1, FS

3:15 – Y2, Y4

3:30 – Y3, Y5.


PLEASE DO NOT CONFUSE THESE TIMES WITH 7 SEPT! Entrances to follow with photos.


We have to stagger to avoid crowding and a gathering of large numbers of parents and children at the same time, congestion around the school and to cut down on numbers using public transport.


What safety measures are in place to avoid spreading the virus?

Hand washing on entry, before playtimes, after playtimes, before lunch, after lunch, before home time and after going to the toilet.

Staggered playtimes, lunch times with children playing and eating in their bubbles. Bubbles not decided yet as to whether they are class bubbles or year group bubbles. Any play resources used are cleaned afterwards. The playgrounds will be sectioned off with bollards and tape.

Hand sanitiser available in classes and across the school. Lidded tissue bins in classes to separate from normal waste. Tissues, cleaning waste kept for 72 hours before disposing in main bins outside.

Deeper cleans done every day in all areas of the school with staff spraying well used areas with anti-bac through the day such as doors and handles.

Markings on floors to direct children around the school so they move in one direction avoiding others. Posters around school reminding about washing hands, keeping a safe distance and sneezing away from others. Markings in classes to stay clear from staff with staff using clear visors to support children at a closer level.

Class set ups – 2 children on a table facing the front, own trays to put their belongings in, resources on display that are regularly used, all other ‘clutter’ put away. Resources cleaned at end of day.


Any changes in the learning?

First 2 weeks children will be assessed in a child friendly way and then supported with catch-up programmes throughout the day. This will be led by Teachers and TAs. English and maths will be taught to address lost learning and to get all children to an expected standard before moving them on. We will deliver a full curriculum but with a focus on key skills in English and maths.

Year group staff will meet regularly to discuss intervention and further support required. English and maths leads supporting the timetables and the planning.

Well – being programme put in place with new Well-being display boards in class to support children. See following KS1 plan as an example of our JIGSAW PSHE planning which will shared twice a week with follow ups and additional discussions daily. PSHE lead directing staff.






Welcome Back! Our new charter (class rules)


What is the Coronavirus?


Belonging/Feeling safe and happy at school


Reconnecting with friends


Being positive and looking forward to the year


Managing worries and fear


Gifts of gratitude



ELSA’s and THRIVE support where needed for children who are struggling and need additional or 1:1 support. The list is actually endless with all aspects of children’s mental health considered.


How will we address behaviour?

Our Behaviour Policy will be reviewed but we need to see how the children settle to identify if there are any behaviour issues that crop up that are new as a result of recent events and reflect on an appropriate way to support. This is an unknown at this point but there are outside agencies that can also advise and support school if needed.


Can parents stay with their child during their first morning back in on 7 September?

Yes! We are using the hall which is a large and well ventilated space and it will be marked out in sections so that classes can be separate from each other. Hand sanitiser will be available and we request that you use it before entering.

Parents are welcome to accompany their child into the hall where teachers and TAs will be waiting to greet your child. We will then explain some of the changes in school to prepare the children before they leave their parents to go into their new classes.

We know some children will not want you to leave them so extra help and time if required, will be available using our SEN team as a support.


We will post photos of classes as and when we can during the 2 non-pupil days in September.