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Peacocks and Kestrels

To start off our Viking topic we had a whole day of Viking based activities and we were allowed to come in dressed as a Viking.

To begin the day we completed a quiz to see how much of a Viking we were, then we began a carousel of activities. The carousel included: bread making; rune breaking; netbook research; shield designs; artefact investigations and map skills. Each activity enhanced our Viking knowledge. Next we created some Viking themed maths activities including budgeting with Viking money and Viking code breaking. After our bread had finished baking so we were able to have a taste test, we compared our Viking bread to a modern day bread. To finish we completed our Viking shield designs ready for battle!

Jacob and Sons (followed by) Joseph's Coat

Close Every Door

Pharaoh's Story

Benjamin's Calypso

Any Dream Will Do (start at 1min 30secs)