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Robins and Kingfishers

Year 2 have had a super childhood day. We played games with friends, learnt playground clapping songs, played games outside and practised some team games Super attitude all day. Well done Year 2.

Year 2 have really enjoyed finding out about plants. We have grown dwarf French beans, cucumbers, cabbages, lettuces and chillis. We have loved planting them, watering them and watching them grow. Great excitement this week-we have cucumbers growing in the greenhouse. 

2M have really LOVED their PE sessions with Dan this term.

2M have had an amazing time investigating wheels. We made wheeled vehicles working together in groups using construction. We investigated ways to attach wheels to a box to make a wheeled vehicle. We had to design a vehicle for the travelling circus in 'Bugs Life' and follow our plans to make a wheeled vehicle. We were SO PLEASED with our finished vehicles. Amazing effort 2M 

2H have really enjoyed their Design and Technology project on Wheels. We investigated wheels using construction making a vehicle with wheels. We investigated different ways to attach wheels to a box. We designed our own vehicles  for the travelling circus in 'Bugs Life'. Fantastic effort and great results. Well done 2H. 

Year 2 REALLY enjoyed their  design and technology project on bridges. We found out about different bridges and made bridges with construction in groups. We experimented with joining card  with glue, masking tape, sellotape and PVA glue. Masking tape was the best. We designed our own bridges and made them in our groups. We tested them to see if a car could move along it. Brilliant team work Year 2.

What amazing homework Year 2 did  on 'The Great Fire of London'. We were blown away by their efforts. Fantastic effort. Year 2 have LOVED the topic on 'The Great Fire of London'. We have described the events of each day, described scenes that we would have seen and created group  Fire of London poems. We are 'Great Fire of London' experts now. 
Year 2 had a great two days celebrating World Book Day. We really enjoyed at reading and listening to stories by Oliver Jeffers. We made our own booklets about the stories expressing our opinions about the stories. We chose our favourite characters and made bookmarks. We read outside under a tree , on the play equipment and in a den in the classroom. We even read to our toys that we brought in. We created our own space pictures inspired by the 'The Way Back Home' book. We managed to complete many of the challenges on the reading bingo sheet. Well done for your great enthusiasm Year 2. 
We have been enjoying singing and using glockenspiels in our music lessons 
We have loved our new story in English -'The Eagle who thought he was a chicken'. We acted out the story and interviewed characters with a partner.
In Art this term Year 2 have looked at portraits. We looked at different artists portraits and compared different portraits, giving reasons for which portraits we preferred. We learnt how to draw a portrait of ourselves using 2B pencils. We mixed our own colours to paint our portraits, then made a pasta frame which we painted gold. We thought our portraits were brilliant!
Year 2 have been learning about castles. We found out lots of facts about jobs people did in the castle. We acted out different jobs-jester, knight, gong farmer (that cleans out waste from the cesspit), cook and lord or lady .  What fun we had being different people. smiley
Year 2 had a most enjoyable no screen day on Friday 5th February. We shared our favourite books with a friend, wrote a book review, painted portraits of ourselves and made a pasta frame for our portrait. We also played games, made a split pin knight, made stick puppets , role played being knights using the castle and dressing up. We finished the day with fitness challenges on the playground. Great day had by all. 

KS1 Christmas Performance 2020

We hope you loved your Christmas cards. We made a press print of a Christmas tree or snowman, printed it on card and decorated it. The children thought their Christmas cards were FANTASTIC.
Our final weaving on our calendars were AMAZING. We were all very proud of their efforts. Well done Year 2.
Year 2 loved their design and technology unit on weaving. We looked at examples of weaving and made a paper weaving mat. We designed our own weaving and we used card looms to weave wool following our design. Some of us became real experts. Well done Year 2.
Year 2 really enjoyed our computing unit on Beebots. We practised giving directions to each other and writing directions to make a square. We investigated using the Beebots in pairs. In groups we had to put in the correct instructions to move our Beebots around The Isle of Struay.
Robins and Kingfishers were brilliant at thinking about what bullying is and how to seek help if you felt you were being bullied. We worked together to create a 'machine' that worked. We created paper doll chains with ideas about  what to do if you felt you were being bullied, joining them up to create a large paper doll chain. We acted out different scenarios about bullying and thought about what could be done to sort the bullying. Lastly a few children in 2M created their own anti -bullying collage with messages about how to be a kind friend to others. Really proud of their great ideassmiley
Robins and Kingfishers have just completed a 'Write Stuff' unit based on ' The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark' by Jill Tomlinson. It is about a barn owl called Plop who does not like the dark. A bit of a problem for a barn owl! His Mum tells him to find out about dark from different people. To assist us with our writing we had experience days which we thoroughly enjoyed- we found out about owls, we had a camp fire in the classroom and we  looked at firework displays on the internet. We created our own wax resist firework pictures. We worked hard with our sentences and each day different sentences were chosen to be displayed building up the class story.  We planned our own version of the story and we used our plans in our final write. We were SO pleased with our final writes. 
Our literacy this term has been based on a book called 'Little Red Reading Hood' by Lucy Rowland. We have really tried hard with our sentences in literacy about different points of the story. We call them 'plot points'. We planned and wrote our own innovated version of 'Little Red Reading Hood'. We were really pleased with our stories.
In science this term we have been thinking about materials and their properties. We thought about what objects are made of and sorted them into natural and man-made materials. We have loved the investigations and predicting what might happen. Ask your children about the investigations.
Great excitement in Year 2. We have begun to use a new scheme for maths called Power Maths. We are using lots of equipment to help with our understanding. It really makes us think, but we are all trying SO hard. Well done Year 2.
Year 2 LOVE reading. We brought in our favourite books to share with our friends. We chose different places to read around our school. Some of them were very strange places! We visited our library and shared books with our friends.
2H have been enjoying their maths and science learning.
2M have been enjoying their learning in maths.
Year 2 really enjoyed finding out about Holland on European Day of Languages. We learnt some new words and greetings, made Holland hats, found out facts about Holland and painted our version of' A starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh. 
Year 2 had such great fun creating an'All about Me' poster. We used photographs, pictures and drawings that we collected for homework. We were  REALLY pleased with the final results.