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Robins and Kingfishers

Year 2 have had exciting Fridays with Dan. They have become really good at practising their ball skills in games. In gym they created different balances with their partner. Some of the balances were very creative. Thank you Dan for making our PE lessons really fun.

Year 2 had fun with their learning with no lights on. We liked using the torches to do our work. We thought it was a bit tricky but it made it a different way to learn. We wouldn't like to do it every day!

We had a FANTASTIC time on our walk around the local area. Year 2 were being Geography detectives looking for human and physical features of the local area and different types of street furniture. The children were so well behaved ALL morning. Well done Year 2 and a BIG thank you to the adults that helped on our walk. 

Year 2 had a fantastic day celebrating European Day of Languages. The children looked amazing in their red, white and blue. We found out lots of interesting facts about the Netherlands (Holland). We created our own Holland hats, danced to some songs about Holland and learnt some Dutch words and phrases. We tried some foods from Holland-edam, gouda cheese and stroopwaffles. We also found out about the famous Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh. Great day had by all.