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Robins and Kingfishers

Our literacy this term has been based on a book called 'Little Red Reading Hood' by Lucy Rowland. We have really tried hard with our sentences in literacy about different points of the story. We call them 'plot points'. We planned and wrote our own innovated version of 'Little Red Reading Hood'. We were really pleased with our stories.
In science this term we have been thinking about materials and their properties. We thought about what objects are made of and sorted them into natural and man-made materials. We have loved the investigations and predicting what might happen. Ask your children about the investigations.
Great excitement in Year 2. We have begun to use a new scheme for maths called Power Maths. We are using lots of equipment to help with our understanding. It really makes us think, but we are all trying SO hard. Well done Year 2.
Year 2 LOVE reading. We brought in our favourite books to share with our friends. We chose different places to read around our school. Some of them were very strange places! We visited our library and shared books with our friends.
2H have been enjoying their maths and science learning.
2M have been enjoying their learning in maths.
Year 2 really enjoyed finding out about Holland on European Day of Languages. We learnt some new words and greetings, made Holland hats, found out facts about Holland and painted our version of' A starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh. 
Year 2 had such great fun creating an'All about Me' poster. We used photographs, pictures and drawings that we collected for homework. We were  REALLY pleased with the final results.