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Robins and Kingfishers

Year 2 had an AMAZING day at Antony House on Wednesday 30th October. We had great fun collecting autumnal seeds, leaves and fruits. Great fun had by all.
Year 2 had an outdoor maths session on Wednesday 2nd October. We were looking at measures. We measured the cage in metres, weighed objects, filled containers with water and measured in litres and timed ourselves doing different activities in a minute. We loved measuring.
On Friday 27th September the whole school celebrated 'European Day of Languages' and came to school in the colours of their country's flag. Each class looked at a country. Year 2 found out about Holland. We learnt to say words in dutch. We found out facts about Holland and made hats with dutch pictures on it. We tasted Edam and Gouda cheese and stroopwaffel which we LOVED. We also made dutch apple cakes using the apples from our school apple tree. 
On Monday 16th September Year 2 went on a local area walk. We looked for human and physical features in our local area as well as street furniture. We were not impressed with the litter we saw on the streets.