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Robins & Kingfishers

What an amazing day Year 2 had at Dartmoor Zoo. We loved being close to the animals and we loved the minibeast handling session. We looked at an orange headed cockroach, giant millipede, leaf stick insect and an African land snail. 
What an amazing time we had minibeast hunting with Gemma and Dave from the RSPB. What a lot of minibeasts we found in our school grounds. We even found a froghopper and woodlice babies that the female woodlouse had carried.
What fantastic minibeast research we had in our homework. Mrs Mower learnt a lot of interesting facts from the Robins homework.
Year 2 had an AMAZING day at Antony House with Brian our guide. We loved climbing in the trees and pond dipping. The rain did not bother us!
Year 2 were so proud our our weaving.It took a long time to do. We put our weaving on our Mother's day cards.
Year 2 had a Fire of London workshop with Clive Pig. We had a fabulous time acting out scenes about the Fire of London. We had a brilliant time and we thought he was really funny! 
Year 2 visited the Barbican on Friday 8th March. We looked at the houses and streets that were similar to London 1666 during the Great Fire of London.
Year 2 celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 7th March.
Year 2 have made pottage, which is like a vegetable soup that people ate in 1666. We washed, peeled, snipped and chopped vegetables We ate it with the rolls we made.
As part of our literacy work we have been following instructions to make bread rolls. We will be eating them with our pottage that we are making this week. 
In literacy we followed instructions to make a wiggly snake. Some of us found it VERY tricky to do and needed help.What super snakes we made.
As part of a focus on Modern British Values Key Stage One took part in a kindness day On Friday 1st March. We thought about ways we could show kindness.We learnt new games out in the playground and clapping rhymes.
Year 2 have been looking at bridges in Design and Technology. We made beam bridges out of construction. We worked together as a team to build them. 
Year 2 have been investigating materials. We looked at how stretchy materials were AND we tried to make materials waterproof by rubbing crayon on them and dropping water on it.
Key Stage One performance of 'Starlight'. What a fantastic effort from the children. Well done
Year 2 were really hard working during enterprise week making Christmas cakes and fudge. What fun we had and made £274 profit. Well done Year 2.
Year 2 had a talk from the Fire Brigade about keeping safe in the home.
Year 2 really took their time in painting autumn tree pictures. They drew trees carefully and mixed the colours they needed. Amazing results.
During our Autumn walk we noticed that there was a lot of litter everywhere. We were disappointed to see that. For homework we designed our own litter posters. Enjoy looking at some of our brilliant efforts.

Year 2 had a great autumn walk in Pounds Park in October. We saw lots of signs of Autumn.

Robins class were very interested in finding out about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. We made our own sukkahs in groups. Willow even made her own one at home. Well done Willow.
Robins class celebrated European Day of Languages on Friday 28th September by finding out about Holland. We dressed in the colours of the flag and tasted some gouda cheese and delicious stroopwafel.