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For the Harvest

A Farmer's Life For Me

Down, Down to the Allotment

Top Trump Cards - Anglo-Saxon Gods

Saxon Shields - Homework

Arts Week - reflection paintings inspired by Monet and our trip to the Hoe

Dissecting a Lamb's Heart

First Generation American Day with Clive Pig

World Book Day 2017

Science Day - Forces and Magnets

Our finished classrooms in a shoebox

Sparrowhawk's Totem Poles

Finished Classroom Shoebox Dioramas

Shoebox Classroom Dioramas Day 4 and 5

Shoebox Classroom Dioramas Day 3

Shoebox Classroom Dioramas Day 2

Shoebox Classroom Dioramas Day 1

Chinese New Year Day

Rock Day

Hot Seating - children in 3/4C enjoyed hot seating the different characters from our TFW book, 'Egyptian Cinderella'.

Egyptian Homework - a fantastic effort from the Sparrowhawks.