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Sparrowhawks and Hummingbirds

Sophie's story

Bird feeders in forest school

'Layers of the Rainforest' homework (Sparrowhawks)

Three Little Birds 3C

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The Sparrowhawk class enjoyed playing their glockenspiels today. They accompanied the song 'Three Little Birds' by Bob Marley.

RE Christianity- 3M re-enacted how they would react if someone asked them to give up their favourite toy or weekend. We linked this to how people followed Jesus and gave up their daily jobs to trust and have faith in him.

Outdoor/Indoor Maths - 3C enjoyed jumping into a carroll diagram this morning. They needed to sort themselves using different criteria like can ride a bike, cannot ride a bike, has brown hair and has not got brown hair.

'Layers of the Rainforest' homework (Hummingbirds)

The Rainforest Song