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Tawny Owl

Foundation Sports Day 2018

Our first school dinner

Halloween Hilarity. The children had lots of fun making broomsticks, playing pass the parcel, playing pin the tail on the cat, eating spooky snacks and apple bobbing!

Our mystery reader was Alfie's mum. The children thoroughly enjoyed the story she shared with them.

Our trip to Pennywell Farm December 2017

Keeping healthy

As part of our week learning about Healthy living the children visited the life caravan where they met Harold the giraffe who needed help brushing his teeth, washing and keeping happy. The children also met 'Tam' who showed them how the inside of their bodies work.

The children also explored non-fiction books about the Human body and enjoyed making straw skeletons. The children have started to become 'Sugar Smart' and watched a presentation on making healthier choices in our snacks. They then played in the home corner and set up our dining table with a range of healthy balanced meals.

Our first experience of playing in the snow! We were very excited to feel the snow, shape the snow, walk on the snow and make things with it in our mud kitchen.

Foundation stage sports day