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Vision and Aims

Vision statement

At Pennycross Primary we aim to –

Provide a welcoming, safe and caring environment where everyone is valued, respected and listened to.  We are proud of our school and our achievements and celebrate our successes. We encourage our children to become successful and confident learners.

Pennycross Primary is committed to providing an environment where all staff support and enhance children’s learning in an inclusive way taking into account all children’s needs. We believe in promoting equal opportunities and value a harmonious multicultural environment. We work on promoting the value of community and embrace the locality and beyond.

Pennycross Primary strives to ensure all children reach their potential and encourage high achievement and good behaviour. We aim to encourage independence, develop a love for learning and engage with a curriculum that will support them as active adults of the future.

 We ensure that our children have high quality learning in the basic skills of Literacy, Numeracy and ICT. We strive to ensure that all children are able to explore their creative side and recognise the value of everyone’s talents and gifts.

We believe that our school needs to build partnerships with our parents and the wider community.



To respect and value ourselves and other people.  We strive to achieve this by displaying good teamwork, positive attitudes, appreciation of each other and challenging negative influences and behaviour.

• To work willingly with others to improve ourselves, our school, our community and the wider world.  We strive to achieve this by actively seeking and implementing new ideas and continuing to develop our extended schools services.

• To provide a caring, secure and ordered environment where all can work and play with confidence.  We strive to achieve this by ensuring school rules and policies are correctly adhered to. Communicating and acting upon risks and hazards in the environment and making necessary improvements where appropriate.


School Rules

  1. We will treat everyone and everything respectfully.
  2. We strive to do our best in everything that we do.
  3. We will contribute positively to our school community and our local area.