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Year Six

It has happened again, and once more we need you to be brave, strong and confident. You can do it - we can do it together!


We would much rather be in school together, but we will try our hardest to make your home learning fun and engaging. It will be the work that we had planned on doing in school.


We will be posting home learning lessons on here as well as on our Microsoft Teams accounts.


Remember to also make use of all the online subscriptions we have. I hope you remember your passwords!


Take care, Mr Hogden and Mr Pike.

WB 08-06-20
WB 01-06-20

Here is the plan for the week beginning June 1st. Some of this mirrors what we are doing in school and I have attached some resources to help you.



Please see the suggested weekly timetable for learning ideas.


This week is National Walk to school week! frown





Please be assured that we do not expect you to be working all day with your child at home! Please use the resources that we post here to help you do what is best for your family. We both have children and are finding it challenging too!

We will keep you updated about our possible return to school on the 1st June... our unions are meeting with the government on Friday, so we may have a clearer picture after that.


See below

Extra maths resources available following the MEP scheme that is used within school.

Some new fresh air learning ideas.

Continue to use Literacy shed to inspire your big writing. Remember to write different types of writing... not just stories.

We have added a Plymouth Argyle activity under PE.

Please email us on Purple Mash with any questions or for a chat.




Please see below. wink

We have added our next science topic - Living things and their habitats.

Some information about Year 7 transition.

Some work on VE Day.



Please check Purple Mash for emails from us. We would love to hear back from you! smiley

We have also added links in mathematics and writing to fantastic daily online lessons. Try them out!

In geography we have put a new topic homework sheet full of ideas to help you learn.

Welcome to the Year 6 home learning page. Below you will find recommended work for you to complete. All work will either be revision or an investigation to consolidate knowledge and prior learning. 

Please complete these tasks and try to have fun!

As you may have seen in the news, the Government has announced that SATs (and other exams) have been cancelled this year. At the time of writing, we don't know what assessment we will need to make at the end of Year 6; as a result, we are asking the children to continue with the work in their CGP books, etc.


Mr Hogden                    Mr Pike        

Year 7 Transitions


We are receiving emails from secondary schools about transition. To help the teachers, we always ask the children to fill in the word document attached. This will help us to add more information about friends, especially if they attend different schools), clubs, etc. Please send the form to the school email address:

Fresh air ideas


Get outside for some fresh air when you can.

Below are some links to activities that can be completed in your garden.

10 ways to measure a tree... Have a go!



Please complete daily maths revision.

Choose from the resources below. We have also sent home CGP revision guides.

You are not expected to complete a test in one sitting. Answer a section, mark it and then re-answer if required.

A fantastic maths skill is the ability to concisely explain methods to another person. Practise this.

Remember to also use the SATs homework section under 'News and Events' for daily activities.


Why not try out some fun Active Maths?! No login required.

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar


Please complete daily S,PaG revision.

Choose from the resources below. We have also sent home CGP revision guides.

You are not expected to complete a test in one sitting. Answer a section, mark it and then re-answer if required.

Remember to also use the SATs homework section under 'News and Events' for daily activities.


Please ensure that you are reading at least 30 minutes every day.

Why not read to a sibling or a pet?

This could be fiction or non-fiction. Continue to quiz on Accelerated Reader. Also try the vocab quizzes.


Please complete daily reading revision.

Choose from the resources below. 

You are not expected to complete a test in one sitting. Answer a section, mark it and then re-answer if required.

It is very important to be able to accurately evidence your answers in the text. Explain your answers to another person. 



Within writing we expect you to apply all of your S,PaG knowledge.

Check your revision guides and the writing checklists for inspiration.


Literacy Shed is jam packed with amazing examples of writing stimuli.

Choose some of them to base your writing around. This could be a sentence starter, a picture or a video.

There are many styles of writing to use: diaries, biographies, recounts, letters, stories, reports...


Check out Pobble 365 for daily ideas.


Plan - write - edit - write



Please explore the resources celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE day.

Can you think of any other ways to investigate VE day? Twinkl is full of useful resources.

VE Day 75th Anniversary (8th May) activities from The Royal British Legion.

It is worth looking at this website (, particularly as one document is too large for me to upload.


Mr Pike



Our current topic in geography is an investigation into OS maps.


Please choose tasks from the termly homework sheet.

Our next topic in Y6 geography is rivers. Have fun investigating rivers of the world and their characteristics. We would like you to pay special attention to the wonderful rivers that surround our great city. Have fun!



With the Christian celebration of Easter fast approaching, please explore...


How can artwork express the message behind the salvation story?

Why do churches use stained glass windows to remember Christ’s death and resurrection?

Can you create some stained glass window art? 

What happens in a church service at Easter?


To investigate a range of religious art linked to the first Easter.

Who were the artists? What was their message? Does the artwork tell the same story as scripture?

How might artwork need to be changed to link better to scripture?

Create artwork and write a commentary to share your knowledge.



Try to keep as active as possible!


At school we love Go Noodle! Sign up and have a go at home!


Why not set up your own circuit training regime in your house? Get the family involved!


Have you been starting the day with Joe Wicks? I especially like fancy dress Fridays!

If you like football and colouring, this is right up your street! If not, give it a go anyway!



To teach music we use a fantastic website called Charanga.

Please use the login details that we have sent home to access the lessons.


We are looking forward to hearing videos and recordings. Which family can sing the best?!



Please use BBC Bitesize to keep your French fluent!



We use an awesome website called Purple Mash.


Login using your username and password. Click on the red 2do button and complete the tasks we have set.


Also press the green share button and open our class blog. Add a book review and comment on a friends post. We will try to regularly approve your posts.



The term 4 topic in Y6 is Evolution and Inheritance.

Investigate this topic further and create a presentation, poster or leaflet. This could be about the evolution of one living thing in particular (eg. Finches) or about the topic as a whole.

Why not look at your family and investigate inheritance?

Why not also create a family tree to explain this?

This is the Science topic for Summer Term 5 - living things and their habitats. The resources are from Twinkl and are some of the things we would use in class. Have a go at what you can (some resources are repeated- one star is easier; three stars more challenging) and use the weblinks documents to find clips, etc, to help your learning.


Some suggested web links to aid learning.